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Buff ab reward.
Is sad that we got a bg for group queue warsong and one for solo queue ab, but the reward doing ab is so freaking bad that noone queue for it...

Im sure there is a lot of new players that would love playing here, if they could just avoid premades doing ab, but u guys just refuse to buff ab and make it equal to warsong. 

I think u guys just want the group queue bg(warsong) to be the only viable choice here, dont u get that this  hurt the population of the server? Many new pvp players join the server, can only play warsong, get rape by premades and leave...

The only reason for keeping ab reward shit is to force us on warsong, where premade is allowed...

Im not asking to stop premades, im saying give us a chance to chose what we want, solo or group... Making ab reward shit u remove that choice...
Promoting AB would be not be of a benefit to premades and thus causing them to wait longer for a wsg queue to pop. I dont think that this is beneficial for the server overall.

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