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Open Karazhan on retrowow
Now I don't know if at this version there is or there isn't a portal existing in karazhan to enter an id. If possible open it or simply make a teleporter. Scale the tier 4 to lvl 60 but slightly better than T3. T4 with spec option. Karazhan will be the hardest 5 man in retrowow. There will be an attunement to be able to enter.

I am also suggesting 1.12.2 talent tree which is basically tbc talents before tbc came out in retail, if you played in retail you'd remember they released updated talents about 2 months before tbc. This also means that all healing classes will be able to heal in any dungeon, and all tanking classes will be able to tank.
T3 / Naxx gear in general is OVER the top anyway. IMHO it should be nerfed to SLIGHTLY above bwl and on par with AQ items.. that way it would be as good as pvp gear and would create a more balanced pvp experience... no more ridiculous 2k noncrit fireballs or every 2nd melee running around with MoM just because its a must have... takes out the whole diversity of vanilla wow.
Hello, Vanillacrusade!

Unfortunately the Karazhan raid does not exist in this version of the game. The staff and I have agreed that we will not be making any changes to the server that require players to download any extra patch or otherwise manipulate your files beyond changing realm-lists.
Thank you for your input.


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