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Make the server accessible.
What is this server about anyway?
- a quick and easy way to enjoy the good old vanilla content. Either the pve raids or the good old pvp experience.
- you can enter all nice old raids like MC, ZG, AQ20/40, Ony, Naxx and farm your gear or
- you can farm gold and buy the same gear through gold

What actually happens on this server?
- new people join and rarely find a raid because people are looking for nearly BiS players to rush through raids because they just want to get to that 1 boss which drops their one BiS item.
- new people join and enter bgs and get steamrolled by t3 people.
- new people join the server and are instantly demoralized.

I already once opened a thread about nerfinx naxx and aq gear to bwl'ish item stats to make this game more fun and at the same time accessible for starters. My main complaint as a pvper was that aq/naxx gear stats are simply out of hand compared to the hp pool.
Vanilla is already a fast paced combat system in lower item brakets, but especially naxx gear makes it even worse.
Some people say "well you can counter the class X by using reflectors, dodging, interuppting and / or using flask of titans to survive that 2k noncrit by a mage" (just an example)
So this might make one fight every 5 minutes partially interesting, but the main point that we forget here is, that a starter joins the bg with 2 - 3k hp, he has no flask, he has none of the stuff to fight against full naxx, flasked people.

Limiting, or nerfing the gear stats from naxx items to around bwl / aq would not only make the gap smaller between a starter and a full BiS guy, which wouldn't demotivate people from starting here, but would also make pvp itself funnier. Every fight might potentially last few seconds longer, and we all know that every second counts as it can provide a RNG or usefull cooldown to turn the fight around.

A nice side-effect would be that we might see more diversity in gear on this server. Right now every1 is rushing to aq40 / naxx items because they want to be viable as quickly as possible. That takes out a huge chunk of why vanilla was fun. The whole diversity is gone.

TL; DR; Lower stats of naxx'ish gear to bwl/aq40 gear
- smaller gap between startes / t1 to BiS
- you can still use it for the looks
- more diversity in the gearing process as picking up items from mc/zg/bwl won't be nearly useless anymore
- slightly longer fights
- having to go over all items and reduce their stats manually which requires some work
(if you need someone with SQL knowledge for that just hit me up)
Hello, Mow!

At this time the staff has no plans of changing any stats on items for the purposes you have mentioned.
Thank you for your input.


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