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Looking for BIS War PvP list
I spent hours going through every item and comparing the stats (and looks) and this is is what I chose for my set, explanation below:

Helm: Conquerors - 7k
Neck: Stormrage - 15k
Shoulders: Dreadnaught - 20k
Chest: Conquerors - 7k
Wrist: Vengeance - 15k
Gloves: Annihilation - ?
Waist: Mentor - 15k
Cloak: Dominion - 15k
Legs: Carnage -15k
Boots: Conquerors - 7k
Ring1: Unnatural - 15k
Ring2: Qiraji - ?
Ranged: That gun with 1% crit (not toxin Injector like it says)
Trinket1: Slayers Crest - 15k
Trinket2: Drake Fang - ?
Weapon: Might of Menethil / Severance

[Image: 11vPID9.jpg]

The crit, AP, dodge, and armor in the image are TOTALS which includes the bonus from agility and strength (I stopped including dodge after a while).  For warriors, 1 STR = 2 AP.  And 1 AGI = .05 crit and dodge, 2 armor,  and 1 ranged AP (20 AGI = 1% crit).

BIS for PVP is opinion because it depends on what you value.  Do you want to do as much damage as possible?  Do you want to be more tanky?  Do you want utility like intercept CD reduction?  What about aesthetics?  I chose the items in my set to do as much damage as possible by maximizing crit, then AP, then stamina, and also items that look cool together.  You can compare and choose what you want.  And the only sacrifice I made for aesthetics was the shoulders.  I just couldn't stand the look of conquerors shoulders or alliance R13 so I chose T3 shoulders.  You lose .8 crit and about 8 AP but you also gain some defense (functions like resilience) and stamina and they look awesome.  I didn't worry about hit because you'll have plenty of hit anyway and i'm not going to sacrifice other stats like crit for it.

There's lots of great trinkets but I just went with raw AP.  Spiders kiss is also great, along with PVP trinket, Tidal charm, reflectors, etc.  Its up to you.  Other options are swapping out shoulders and gloves for R13 if you want 20 stamina, and boots if you want 3 piece intercept CD reduction bonus.  You can also swap out T3 shoulders for conq if you want more damage.  Master Dragonslayers ring will also give you 14 stamina and 1% hit instead of 0 stamina and 1% crit if you want more STA.  The rest you can compare for yourself.

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