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Head Of nefarian bugged

Did a full BWL run yesterday and looted the Nefarian head.

unfortunalty i couldnt deliver and complete the quest at Thrall in ogrimar.
I relogd a few times and tought because it didnt work that maybe abandoning the quest and reaccepting the quest would maybe solve it... well it did not the Head of nefarian disaapeard from my inventory.
i hope you can solve and restore the item for me?

kinds regards 

Ipwnz Mage
Happened to me just now 16:40 server time. Trall bugged and head is lost

A GM game me the head back but Thrall still bugged. Cant talk to him
maybe you have the Alliance head ? Somethimes happen in cross group.
Sry for bad english
I complete the quest with every char without problems.


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