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Ret Paladin PvE Guide
Hello, I looked for a good ret paladin PvE guide but I couldn't find any. So I thought I'd make one myself!
First of all, this guide aplies to Retro-WoW keep that in mind.

The Ret paladin is a melee dps based around buffs and debuffs. Namely, the seal and judgement system. You probaly already know this.
For a ret paladin speccing is very important. If you spec wrong you will do next to no damage.
I'd say go 11/8/32.

5/5 Divine Strength
5/5 Divine Intellect
1/1 Concecration

5/5 Improved Devotion Aura
3/3 Precision

5/5 Improved Blessing of Might
5/5 Benediction
2/2 Improved Judgement
3/3 Improved Seal of the Crusader
5/5 Conviction
1/1 Seal of Command
2/2 Persuit of Justice
3/3 Two-Handed Weapon Specialization
1/1 Sanctity Aura
5/5 Vengeance                          

I've been playing ret paladin for a long time now and for PvE this is the best spec. So don't change anything exept for IDA which you can also put in redoupt if you want to use shields now and then, but I don't recommend it.

Now on to the Aura's.
One thing to keep in mind is that all your party members withing 30 yards will also get this aura so you also help others with it!

Sanctity Aura
If you followed my spec then you will have sanctity aura, this aura will increase your holy damage done by 10%, this is amazing for ret paladins since all the damage you do is either holy damage or weapon damage.

Devotion Aura
This aura will increase your armor, this is quite usefull when running away from mobs.

Consentration Aura
This aura is only recommened for healers so don't bother with it. It decreases the chance that your spellcasting get's interrupted by hostile damage. Some might argue that it's usefull when you need to heal yourself but in my opinion you are better of staying in whatever aura you are in and just heal becouse otherwise you have to wait for the global 1 sec CD.

Fire/shadow/frost resist aura
These aura's are only usefull in centain situations, such as fire aura when fighting onyxia, so use them when needed!

Now to blessings:
Your blessings are very important and will benefit both you and your alies in many ways.

Blessing of Might:
This blessing will increase your melee attack power by a lot! This is very usefull when you are ret, also use this on all your melee party/raid members.

Blessing of Wisdom:
This blessing will restore mana for you, this is mainly for healers/casters so as ret it's not that great. Though when you are almost OOM this is a great blessing to get mana back during a boss encounter. Use this on all casters/healers in your party/raid!

Blessing of Salvation:
This is an interesting blessing, it drobs the threat generated by your target by 30%, this is great when a dps takes the aggro of the tank.

Blessing of Light:
This blessing will increase the amount healed by Flash of Light and Holy Light, it's only usefull for healers so don't bother with it as ret.

There are a few short-term blessings with a cooldown, most of these aren't really that usefull in my opinion, for PvE atleast.

On to gear:
For gear I suggest getting as much Stam/int/str gear as possible. Those are your main stats.

Strength will increase your attack power which is obviously awesome for ret paladins.
Intellect will increase your mana pool aswell as the chance to crit with spells, judgement is a spell so you will need itSmile
Stamina will increase your health and although that's mainly for tanks as a melee you will get hit a lot and thus having a bit of health is pretty usefull.
Attack Power is also incredebly important, it comes from strenth and directly from some items.
Spell Damage is just as important as Attack Power, spell damage will increase your damage of your Judgement and SoC procs.

In terms of the tiers, well, in all honest there is only one good tier for ret, tier 2.5 (AQ). This is becouse it offers good stat's for ret. Tier 2 is reasonable but it's more orientated towards healer or shockadin. Tier 1 and 3 are useless for ret so don't bother with them. On retro this is not a problem since you can buy the tiers with gold but on other servers you might wanna go holy until AQ and get your tier 2.5 or be lucky and get to play ret to AQSmile

For the weapons I suggest getting something with as much str as possible. Also the extra's of the weapon are very different, but something such as "increases chance to hit with melee weapons by 1%" is always good. Just see what your weapon offers and judge it yourself. Also getting something with Attack Power is always great. For starter weapon I suggest you get yourself the Arcanite Reaper, it gives 12 stam and 66 attack power I beleve.

Usefull spells:
There are many spells a paladin can use, though most of them are pretty useless for ret.
The important ones are: Seal of Command, Seal of the Crusader, Judgement, Concecration, Hammer of Wrath.

Seal of Command gives a chance on hit to deal a lot of holy damage, also the judgement deals a good amount of damage.
Seal of the Crusader is only usefull due to it's judgement, the judged target will take extra holy damage.
Judgement, do I need to explain? It deals damage/aplies a debuff, it depends on the seal that you have active.
Concecration, a DoT AoE holy damage ability, it deals a good amount of damage and combined with judgement of the crusader it's a good source of damage.
Hammer of Wrath, is a 1 sec cast finishing move that deals a lot of damage but is only usable for enemies under 20% health.

Several other usefull abilities are: Holy Light/Flash of Light (to heal yourself and your allies) And Cleanse, use this to remove a debuff from yourself, it aplies to diseases, poisons and curses.

This is my personal rotation:
1. Cast Seal of the Crusader and judge your enemy
2. Cast Seal of Command
3. Cast Concecration
4. Use Judgement of Command and Concecration on cooldown.
5. And once availeble use Hammer of Wrath

In terms of the race, well dwarf or Human, human is slightly better. But just play what you like to play.

I think that covers it all. Thank you all for reading and I hope this guide was usefull to you.
Nice guide, tho i wouldn't say t2 is healer oriented. It is a pure schokadin set.
Thanks for sharing Boloks.
I'm sure people will use it and get help by this guide!
(07-31-2015, 03:25 PM)Rolemodel Wrote: Thanks for sharing Boloks.
I'm sure people will use it and get help by this guide!

You're welcome! 
I hope people willSmile
(07-31-2015, 11:58 AM)Restosexual Wrote: Nice guide, tho i wouldn't say t2 is healer oriented. It is a pure schokadin set.

Hmm, maybe. It's not that good for ret so I can't be bothered with it anywaySmile
you say t2.5 its good but wich items are the bis for this?
do you have a pre-raid bis list for ret pally on retrowow?
(05-06-2017, 11:50 PM)randomknight Wrote: do you have a pre-raid bis list for ret pally on retrowow?

Yes, get all +healing gear and go holy tree until you gather enough gear to be decent and then pray the retrogods anyone carries you through raids.
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