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Argent Dawn & Cenarion Circle badges
The Cenarion Circle quest are not able to be started due to the fact that the field duty quest which gets you the starting point to begin to farm insignias and badges is bugged. 

The Argent dawn does let you farm insignias in many ways so I have no complaints there but both of these reputations reward quest to turn in the insignias for gear are bugged and cause fatal errors if you try to a complete them. 

A simple solution for this would to be create 2 respective vendors that just require the amount of badges/insignias for the respective pieces. 

I've put in tickets 3 times now for a gm to get me the signed field duty papers but unlike in previous quests they've helped me with, they simply dismiss my ticket and don't tell me anything. 

I'm sure many people would like to be able to have access to these gear pieces so any help or updates on these situations would be really appreciated.

P. S sorry for reporting bugs here, couldn't find a place to post them and with no response from the gm on one of the more important resources for epics I felt a need to bring attention to it.

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