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pve mods
hey guys haven't played in a long time but would love to do some old school shit. MC, BWL, AQ i have such good memories of these from so long ago.

my questions are. how do i go about getting mods. and which mods should i get. is curse gaming still the go to website.
thanks Smile

btw id love to join an aussie guild or any guild thats cool and raids 6:30pm til late at the +8 GMT time slot (western aus/ hong kong time zone).
Search for Vanilla Addon/Addons
( Google search with "Vanillia + Addons")

juz google "[addon you want] 1.12". here are a few good ones for pve-

snowfall is a good addon, it causes your client to send a spell cast request to the server when you press down the key, as opposed to when you release the key (default). you're gimping yourself if you don't install this.

ktm (threat monitor) and bigwigs (in-fight pve helper) are bread and butter pve addons, but do note these addons have some kinks on retro that you will have to learn. for example, many of the bigwigs warnings / timers do not match the timing of retro's encounters. also, there are some threat bugs on retro, meaning you should sometimes disregard a teammate's position on ktm.

recap is the dps meter i use. damagemeters is another widely used one. dps meters are mostly for pve hero epeen, but it's very nice to be able to look at crit rates, what % of your total damage each of your abilities is doing, sources of incoming damage, etc. helps with spotting errors in your itemization and rotation.

dotimers is another good one, especially if you play warlock. itemrack / outfitter are good for any class, but particularly for hunters and rogues.

there are a lot of ui mods out there. you can go with something more basic like this-
or something heavily modified like this-
if you opt for a more blizzlike ui, at the very least get buffalo and some sort of enemy cast bar addon. antagonist and natur are some enemy cast bar addons. i also heavily recommend a combat text addon such as msbt.

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