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Ninja - Onepuunch
1. Onepuunch

2. Ninja

3. Reserved Mish'undare, Circlet of the Mind Flayer ahead of joining the group with the leader, Onepuunch. Brought it up again, asked if everyone was O.K. with it before the fight. All agreed.

Killed Nefarian, head drops, Onepuunch starts begging to roll it and wont give it to me. I log my druid to get summoned to take the Head and he refused to invite and summon me. 

Tried to settle for rolling for it, but he had already ignored me.  Huh 

His friends in the guild were calling me names as well "Idiot" "Snowflake" 

I never acted out of line, did not call them any names. Just asked for my item :/

Attached is screenshot when I logged my druid for summon.

[Image: PPfI2Wn.png]
Haha. What a cuck.

Might be an idea to make an other account for situations like that. Also have some people make a public blacklist for people like that.
The main gem in that Screenshot is what Witty is saying ...
(12-11-2017, 09:50 AM)Blazeretrowow Wrote: The main gem in that Screenshot is what Witty is saying ...



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