Poll: Create 2.4.3 Retro TBC realm?
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The Retro TBC 2.4.3
After talking with many people , they want Retro Wow with same system of instant 60 and free pre raid bis but on TBC ( Instant 70 , for gear i dunno, ppl can suggest ) So i'd give it a try since many people were up for it in world chat
I think if they could do that it would be awesome. But you have to take into consideration it will take a lot of coding as well as time put in to make all the vendors and teleport's etc. I think it would be amazing and I hope they take this idea into consideration but we shall see!
They already did this, made a server called Dreamstate. Due to low population it was removed a couple years ago. Meni neat while it lasted though... WTB Dreamstate Reboot

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