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Improper behaviour
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This guy Arimaxd is so weird. all of the sudden when I kill him in STV arena he whispers me with cursing words. I normally wouldnt report anyone if they just cant handle losing, but telling someone to hang yourself multiple times just goes too far imo. He did it on my two characters without knowing I was both. This guy is really crazy and has anger issues. I love playing on this server and I help as much as I can to contribute to a healthy community, but players like him just downgrades the awesome experience of people having on this great fun server.

He keeps looking for trouble all the time. A player like him shouldn't be part of this community at all. 

On the fourth screenshot you can see how he starts calling me all assblast for no reason after killing him. Then things escalated on how mad he can get.

Report accepted.

Closed thread.

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