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Is it allowed to use an alt to form a Raid Group with yourself?
Hey, I would like to try and solo some raids, but for that I usually need to invite someone to an artificial raid group to enter.

Now I wonder, is it allowed to multibox that part? As in: my alt from another account gets invited by my main? In the rules section I found the following:

Quote:Rule 8)
Quote: Multibox:
Our definition of multiboxing includes any plural of characters being controlled through third party software and/or logging in with multiple accounts. Multiboxing for alt looting is not allowed. Being logged on two characters at the same time even for ten seconds in a raid, is not allowed.
Exceptional: You are only allowed to login at the mall with multiple accounts to use buffs, trade materials, gold, items, bank and proffessions between your own characters.

My alt would not enter the raid instance physically, wont even be played (neither by me nor a third party software), he would just stand in Hyjal Mall - but in my raid-group. Or even logged off once the invitation went out.

Is this ok?
You can invite your characters into your group, as long as only 1 character leaves the mall, and others stays in the mall.
[Image: SGuVwB1.jpg]
Great, thank you.
For SoO I just figured out a way to share heroic lockout properly as my old method stopped working. Complete the raid normally on heroic up to garrosh and then do the lockout trick by inviting your alt. wait til your alt gets lead and then start the garrosh fight, right before he is about to die(usually i do this after I teleport back for the final phase) leave the party before you get teleported to graveyard. This preserves the lockout on your main toon and still lets you get the kill on an alt. I want to try this without having to leave the party but too scared to lose my lockout lol
Yes, and this would be done as follows. You would simply add your alt's name to your Raid Groups. Your alt's name will appear on the left side of the raid group chat window as well as the raid group title. This will make it easier for others to recognize when they are looking at the raid group list.

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